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Comedian Drew Ercolono, a familiar face in the comedy scene in Los Angeles.  Audiences have learned Drew can and does shift gears and keep the show moving!  His unique style sets him apart from the pack. Now a regular with his Goombas, Jimmy and Joey at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City.  Appearing with Drew are headliners from the Comedy Store, Ice House and the Improv.

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See Drew delight crowds with his rendition of a Italian-Canadian in Los Angeles. Whether it's fixing a hockey game or telling of his friends back home in their three piece Armani suits, made out of flannel, you can count on the comedic slant of Drew Ercolono for a good time.


Drew at The Jimmy & Joey Show

drew ercolono

Drew at the Pit!


Drew at the
Coffee Fix

in Studio City

Comedy Store

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming...'Wow! What a ride! 'LH

About Drew Ercolono

Drew Ercolono is a single parent living in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. He reports this as giving him a varied insight on life as he has the duties of both parents. A published author, Drew worked as well in retail for years. He has interviewed some 50,000 people. "I like people", tells Drew "especially with barbeque sauce!"

Comedy Venues
E Emcee

Ha Ha Cafe, in No Ho E

The Cat Club on Sunset

Blix Cafe, Hollywood

The Coffee Fix, Studio City E

The Pit, San Fernando Valley

Mr. B's, Burbank

Laugh is Hope, The Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City E

The Pig n Whistle, Hollywood

Lloyds of Running Springs, Big Bear

Harpers, Northridge

Spring Bok, Van Nuys

Whiskey Bend, Burbank

Gordon Biersch Brewery, Burbank

L A Connection

Dante Academy

F That Live

The Big Red Show at The Comedy Lodge

Santa Monica, Playhouse/ Carol Seven Show

Carlos Eton The Carlos Eton Show

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I'm a Canadian dude (ay) with an Italian name.
I can fix... a hockey game.

I can make you an offer you can't refuse.
But I rely on Mario Puzo for my point of views.

He wrote in the Godfather the way to tell the bad news.
We use a moose head on your bed, for some of yews!

I like to eat Mosticelli in the snow.
I drive me a Lincoln, A Lincoln dog sled though

They say it's always nice to dress.
I wear an Armani suit, made out of flannel,
I guess.

When it's cold my boots bring me my luck.
Cause Ima wearin' Gucci muck-lucks!

The Canuks made basketball, It's my belief.
The Paisans brought the point spread, to the maple leaf!

If you don't think I support the Canadian Cheer.
After my Spumoni, Ima drink me a beer! (Ay)

Free Lunch
by Drew Ercolono

Ok, so your new in town? Welcome. Now that the introductions are dispensed with, I have a little news flash for you....There is no free lunch. If you want to make it in this town don't go in for offers that seem too good to be true. There are no magic beans. I guess the closest thing to free lunch is Gelson's. They will let you sample their Prime Rib if you ask. I have never tried myself, but every time I go to Ralph's with my daughter, she comes walking back from the pastry department with cookies. So I guess in summation there are partial entries and snacks (especially, if your young and cute), but no free lunch.

Oh, The Mobil station on Sepulveda Blvd south of Ventura Blvd., (in Sherman Oaks) has free coffee. Just walk in the garage like it's your kitchen, the machine is on the right. Help yourself! It's good coffee. Probably the oldest best freebie in Sherman Oaks, California.

 But be careful out there, it's a jungle in L.A. I know, I've been here since I was a teenager, I'm friends with all the people that made it that way! ;-)

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